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Meitä on liika paļļo, a surma on yhsi - kõikkõa eb ehi võttaa.
We are many but death alone - can't take everyone.
Votes (also called Vod', ethnic name vadjalain, pl. vadjalaizõt) are a people of medieval Votia in Ingria, the part of modern day northwestern Russia that is situated roughly southwest of Saint Petersburg and east of the Estonian border-town of Narva. Votes are the oldest known ethnic group in Ingria who were one of the founding people of Veliky Novgorod. The Votic language is still spoken in three villages of historical Votia - in Jõgõperä (Krakolje), Liivcülä (Peski), and Luutsa/Luuditsa (Lužitsy)

Tere päivä - Good day!
Children from the Votic folklore ensemble "Linnud", Luutsa village, 2005

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