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New votic site vatland.ru

Virtuaalinen Vatja-museo projekti

Projekti toteutetaan Inkerin kulttuuriseuran (Helsinki) tuella.

Vuodesta 2010 alkaen Vatjan kultturiseura on tehnyt työtä vituaalisen Vatja-museon perustamiseksi. Projektin tavoitteena on, että museossa kävijä saisi mahdollisimman paljon tietoa vatjalaisten arkielämästä, kansan historiasta, vatjan paikannimistöstä ja vatjalaisten elinkeinoista. Seura haluaa jakaa keräämäänsä vatjalaista kulttuuriaineistoa kaikkien kanssa.

Projektityön aineistoa viedään kahteen toisiinsa linkitettyyn sivustoon: The material collected in the project will be published on two web-sites, linked to each other. www.vatland.ru – moderator G. Gorjainova ja www.vadjamaa.narod.ru – moderaator E. Kuznetsova.

This is what we have been working on:
1.www.vatland.ru contains an interactive map of Votic villages that will be updated regularly.
2.A brief description of each village and important site of the Votic land, including history and place names, with links to a photo gallery and video/audio materials is forthcoming. The information will be taken from both written sources and field collectors work.
3.To create Votic museum virtual display we would need to take photos of each exhibit and make digital copies of archive materials from the first and second Votic museums in Luzhitsy village – these are mostly photos and videos that weren't destroyed by the museum fire.
4.We are planning to write a description for each exhibit with its story – the links to the photo gallery and audio/video materials connected with these can be seen on the websites – as well as an article about folk arts and crafts in which these exhibits were used. .
5.Restoring and reconstuction of some exhibits will need some research into the ways they were made. We would also like to offer workshops where some of these household items could be made using the drawings we intend to create.

These are the additional materials that would be displayed in the virtual museum:

- The existing photos of the surviving exhibits from the two Luzhitsy museums;
- The pictures taken during the exhibitions "Vaddamaa – Votic land" in St.Petersburg in 2004-2009;
- Pictures of Votic exhibits, people and villages from the collections of Estonian and Finnish museums;
- Printed materials published by Votic cultural society such as Votic folk tales, colour-in book, calendar, several issues of Votic newspaper "Maavaci" – People of the land, the Votic place names, history and culrural studies by T. Yefimova, research on Votic traditional musical instruments conducted by E. Kuznetsova etc.
- Archive and field work materials collected by the society.

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